Highly experienced Erasmian Engineering Projects can help your design office work like a dream.


Erasmian Engineering Projects offer more than 30 years' experience in Africa, Europe and the Middle East, via Design Office Consulting, 3D Modelling, 2D Draughting services and Laser Scanning of existing plant into 3D Models.

We've worked on chemical, mining & mineral processing, industrial infrastructure, mechanical, piping, pump stations, water & effluent treatment, bulk materials handling systems, structural design and platework engineering designs. We also offer:

  • BIM Management
  • Conceptual Design
  • Process Systems Design
  • Digitizing Paper Drawings
  • Project Management
  • Mechanical, Structural & Piping Design and Layout





3D Modelling & 2D Draughting

We provide 3D modelling and 2D draughting services for process plant design, industrial engineering and mining engineering projects, with exceptional expertise in mechanical, structural, piping and platework layout and design.

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Design Office Consulting

We offer Drawing & Design Office Consulting throughout most of the Engineering Project Lifecycle, as needed. From P&ID creation to sandboxing, unbiased conceptual design and assistance during commissioning and handover.

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3D Scanning

We create 3D models & 2D drawings from existing plant & equipment to support maintenance, refurbishment, up-scaling or asset management. Up-to-date models and drawings may increase its value and allow for financial valuation.

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While Erasmian Engineering Projects is a smaller, agile freelancing / subcontracting entity, we receive feedback that we've been particularly useful where the client:

  • Experienced a higher demand than in-house resources could fulfil, so we took up the overflow 3D modelling and 2D draughting work.
  • Needed 3D modelling / 2D drawings from PFD's & P&ID's, or even the creation of the PFD's (Process Flow Diagrams) and P&ID's (Process and Instrumentation Diagrams) themselves.
  • Required a 3D model or 2D drawing based on their designs, or on as-built installations.
  • Required shop details, piping isometrics or numerical control files generated from 3D models / 2D drawings.
  • Needed an unbiased QA check from a third party to compare design drawings with fabricated equipment.
  • Required ad hoc or brownfields designs for additional equipment such as access towers, staircases, pump station and piping design changes (quite effectively done by a smaller team).
  • Required updated 3D models or 2D drawings for equipment maintenance planning or streamlining of a process plant.
  • Required accurate drawings to ensure validity of asset values for sale of plant, insurance purposes or evaluation for asset management.

Autocad - Certified Professional, Inventor, Mechanical Design Professional.

"Mr Erasmus is a focused self-starter who is willing and able to identify, solve and execute challenges and changes that the work environment presents. His ability to train and mentor new/younger employees made him even more valuable."
- Jacques Steyn (personal capacity reference)